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Cardiovascular disease and chocolate

Cardiovascular disease and chocolate

Chocolate does not cause less risk of cardiovascular diseasecardiovascular disease

There can not be concluded that people who eat much chocolate are less likely to have a cardiovascular diseases than those who eat little chocolate. Research from the University of Aberdeen said that the daily consumption of 100 grams of chocolate reduces the risk of a cardiovascular disease. Matthijs Boekholdt from AMC, which contributed to the research, says that it is too early to make such conclusions.

According to the study people who eat lots of chocolate had a lower risk of a cardiovascular disease than those who eat little chocolate, but the study does not say that’s because of the chocolate itself. It may also be because these groups differ in other aspects, such as other dietary preferences, physical activity and lifestyle.

Milk chocolate
“From pure chocolate are similar associations described earlier.” Boekholdt referrs to the fact that dark chocolate would contribute to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. According to a cardiologist this is one of the most remarkable findings of this study that this association is apparently for the full spectrum of chocolate, including milk chocolate.

Boekholdt think it’s too early to conclude that people should eat more chocolate is, let alone that cardiovascular patients should do. But the study results are, however, striking, and should be input for a trial where the effects of chocolate a really tested.