Defibrillator saves three times as many lives

In recent years three times as many lives are saved by the use of defibrillators. More than half of all patients is already connected to an AED, when the ambulance arrives. This causes the fact that three times as many lives are saved compared to years ago. In 2012, for example, 61 people survived a heart condition after administering a defibrillator or AED. One shock device was enough to restore... Leia mais >>

Cardiovascular disease and chocolate

Cardiovascular disease and chocolate Chocolate does not cause less risk of cardiovascular disease There can not be concluded that people who eat much chocolate are less likely to have a cardiovascular diseases than those who eat little chocolate. Research from the University of Aberdeen said that the daily consumption of 100 grams of chocolate reduces the risk of a cardiovascular disease. Matthijs Boekholdt from AMC, which contributed to the research, says that it is... Leia mais >>

Healthy Heart | Train your heart healthy!

Healthy Heart Have you ever wondered how you can prevent cardiovascular diseases? An answer to this question is to train your heart muscle. By training the heart muscle it will make your heart fitter. And the fitter the heart is, the less likely you will suffer from heart diseases. The heart is a muscle and like other muscles, you can also train your heart muscle. The stronger the muscle, the... Leia mais >>

Heart failure: more clarity

Heart failure Researchers at VUmc discovered what substance caused diastolic heart failure. By suppressing this particular substance, the heart muscle cells from patients may be made less rigid. This discovery provides future perspective for the development of a drug against a very common form of heart failure. Previous research shows that the cardiomyocytes of heart patients are too stiff. Patients with diastolic heart failure have too much of the short,... Leia mais >>

Used Lifepak 12

Buy an used Lifepak 12 Defibrillator The same and trusted quality as a new Lifepak 12 Defibrillator Diac Holland is specialized in the purchase and sale of new and used ambulances and medical equipment for ambulances. One of our specialities is the used Lifepak 12 Defibrillator. Both our new and our used defibrillators are technically and medically inspected by trained specialists. When you buy an used Lifepak 12 Defibrillator, it... Leia mais >>

Buy an used AED

Buying an AED is often an expensive purchase, used (a.k.a. secondhand) AEDs often provide a solution. Almost the same and trusted quality, but at a much more affordable price. Used AED sells used AEDs from the Netherlands to both national and international customers. Used AEDs A secondhand AED is a portable device that helps to resuscitate using voice commands. The AED has already been used and is therefore already known... Leia mais >>

Why do AED electrodes have an expiration date?

AED Electrodes regularly gives answers to various questions through blogs. Last time we explained the difference between fully automatic and semi-automatic AEDs. Now we give our answer to the following question: “Why do AED electrodes have an expiration date?” Unhygienic Each AED makes use of two electrodes. These electrodes have an expiration date and should always be replaced in time. After each use of the AED the electrodes should be replaced... Leia mais >>

Number alerted citizen rescuers increased

Citizen rescuers In 2014, the number of alerted citizen rescuers increased significantly (+ 28%) compared to 2013 in The Netherlands. looked on the basis of a few digits to go back on past year. In 2478 calls the maximum of 30 civilian aid workers was achieved. This gives an average for 2014 of 22.3 alarmed citizen rescuers per call. Total calls: 4278 (4176) Number alarmed volunteers: 95 293 Number... Leia mais >>

Eczema linked to heart disease

Eczema Adults with eczema have an increased risk of heart disease and stroke. Both the condition and the unhealthy habits can affect this risk. “Eczema affects all aspects of one’s life and can therefore worsen the health of the heart.” says researcher Jonathan Silverberg of the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago. Unhealthy lifestyle The study of Silverberg found out that people with eczema smoke more, drink more, are... Leia mais >>

Automatic and semi automatic AEDs

Automatic and semi automatic AEDs In a previous article we explained the difference between monophasic and biphasic defibrillation. However, this is not the only difference with AEDs. There are in fact also fully automatic and semi-automatic AEDs. In this article is detailed what the difference between those two types of AEDs is. Similarities Both a fully automatic AED as a semi-automatic AED prompts voice and helps resuscitation. Also, all models... Leia mais >>